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Vespa Italia was part of Hayley & Laura's Logo A Day Challenge on Instagram. They created 31 faux client briefs and designed a logo a day along side their community, using the hashtag #hl31logos. This was the prompt for day 20.

Client Brief:

Founded by two Italian brothers after they moved to the United States. Both share a love of the modern style of the 1960s and creating a nostalgic experience for all their customers.

1960s mod, minimal, colorful

Project scope:

Main logo

See how I designed a logo and a few other elements with my interpretation of the given brief.

click on each logo suite design for further information

main logo

logo icon

blue vespa.png

all logo suites come with the basic branding elements of fonts and colors

Vespa Italia Logo-12.png
Vespa Italia Logo-11.png
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