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Hillary McFarland grew up watching her mom and grandma sew and loved to watch them make something from nothing. During Hillary's high school and college years she played sports and collected a lot of meaningful shirts. Not wanting to donate or toss them, she began her journey to building McFarland Memory Quilts and helping people preserve memories.

The hand illustrated poppies became the focal point of the logo for their meaning of preserving memories. Adding the hand drawn element connected to the handmade quilts and created a timeless and simple design that can grow with Hillary as she continues to build her business.

Project scope:

Logo suite --- main logo, logo icon, word mark, & secondary logo.

Associated type & colors

click on each logo suite design for further information

main logo

secondary logo

logo icon

word mark

all logo suites come with the basic branding elements of fonts and colors

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When I was looking at making my small quilting gig look more professional, I was recommended to Sara (Mere Kreative) by a friend. I am so happy I reached out! She was very detail oriented and helped me organize my disordered thoughts and ideas into workable images and designs. She was thorough and always made sure that I was involved and a part of every step of the process. If something I thought of wasn't going to work with the layout we were creating, Sara was very polite with telling me how that might not work, but something else similar could. She made my ideas come to life and I could not be more thrilled with the finished logo! McFarland Memory Quilts is beautifully and timelessly represented by the amazing work of Mere Kreative. I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking of creating or updating their logo or brand image.

Hillary McFarland, Owner

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