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During the process of purchasing their own home, the Golds realized they wanted to help future home buyers alleviate barriers and challenges that come with buying and selling a home,  while navigating financial challenges. Leading them to their goal of helping buyers and sellers develop a stronger sense of self-confidence, security, and knowledge within the housing market.  

The arched door, retro type, and golden honey color represents their personal story that brought them to Gold Home Solutions. While also giving them a logo suite that stands out in the, often corporate feeling, housing world.

Project scope:

Logo suite --- main logo, logo icon, word mark, & secondary logo.

Associated type & colors

Sara Signature White.png

click on each logo suite design for further information

main logo

Main Logo Golds Honey.png

secondary logo

Secondary Logo Golds Honey.png

logo icon

Logo Icon Golds Honey.png

word mark

Word Mark Golds Honey.png
Main Logo Green.png
Secondary Logo Green.png
Logo Icon Green.png
Word Mark Green.png
Main Logo Dark Charcoal.png
Secondary Logo Dark Charcoal.png
Logo Icon Dark Charcoal.png
Word Mark Dark Charcoal.png
GHS Advert House + Sky Mockup.png
GHS Advert House + Icon.png
Sara was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. She was so patient with us as we took a baby idea and turned it into a proper toddler of a business. She provided us with exceptionally helpful tools, asked very thoughtful questions, and kept us involved and informed at every stage of the process. As someone who knows nothing about this world of logos and branding, she made it seamless and fun! I really felt like she understood our mission, our goals, and us as humans, and was able to create absolute magic out of it. The designs she came up with for Gold Home Solutions are absolutely stunning. I want to put our logo and icons on everything. I recommend Mere Kreative to anyone and everyone. I will definitely be working with her again if we need more designs, and maybe even just for fun because Sara’s creativity is unmatched. Thank you for the amazing experience!

Devin & Jackson Gold, Owners

Logo Icon Dark Charcoal.png
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