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The Golden Pearl was part of Hayley & Laura's Logo A Day Challenge on Instagram. They created 31 faux client briefs and designed a logo a day along side their community, using the hashtag #hl31logos. This was the prompt for day 11.

Client Brief:

An exclusive cruise line reserved for the most elite. Rumored to host excursions for spies and superheros. Identities of clients are kept under lock and key.

Exclusive, Hoity-toity, Confidential

Project scope:

Main logo

Using art deco design and focusing on a minimal pearl without any cruise line imagery, captured exclusiveness. For the purpose of keeping the brand confidential the design was very minimal, giving barely anything away. Those who know what The Golden Pearl is will know just from the pearl icon.

IYKYK vibes.

click on each logo suite design for further information

main logo

secondary logo

The Golden Pearl Logo-10.png

logo icon

The Golden Pearl Logo Icon-09.png

all logo suites come with the basic branding elements of fonts and colors

TCP Pattern Logo Mockup-04.png
The Golden Pearl Logo-06.png
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